the skinny line It's more than a diet.
It's your safeguard!
• Lose up to 10 or more pounds
• Strengthens immunity
• Helps to fight off infections like the Covid-19
• Safeguards against certain cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and other chronic diseases
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The Skinny Line 30-Day Plan helps women to:

• lose excess weight and body fat while preserving LBM (muscle)
• strengthen their immunity
• heal their gut, improve their digestion and lose excess bloat
• detox their livers and burn deep visceral belly fat (associated with chronic health issues)
• decrease inflammation (also associated with all chronic health issues)
• increase metabolism (which helps their whole body work more efficiently)
• regulate blood sugar and all other metabolic syndrome factors.
• naturally balance their hormones
• jumpstart themselves to a healthy, happy lifestyle.




The beauty industry’s leading ingredient for hair, skin & nails.

green coffee bean extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract
fights fat absorption, effectively blocking new fat.

raspberry ketones

Raspberry Ketones
help you burn more calories, even while resting.

uva ursi

Uva Ursi
reduces bloat to reveal true, leaner curves.

garcinia cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia
shuts down the vicious carb-to-fat conversion cycle.

green tea

Green Tea
nature’s proven broad-spectrum nutrient for longevity.

superfruit extract

Superfruit Extract
Hi-ORAC Antioxidant blend fights free radicals.

yohimbe bark extract

Yohimbe Bark Extract
burns stubborn fat, helping to slim your trouble areas.

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skinny line


steak dinnerThe Skinny Line 30-day Plan:

  • Rich in nutrients known as antioxidants that boost the immune system and help protect against cancer cells
  • Loaded with fruits that may lower the risk of stomach and lung cancer
  • Packed with vegetables containing carotenoids, such as carrots, brussels sprouts, and squash, which might reduce the risk of lung cancer, mouth, pharynx, and larynx cancers
  • High in non-starchy vegetables, such as broccoli, spinach, and beans, which might help protect against stomach and esophageal cancer
  • Eating oranges, berries, peas, bell peppers, dark leafy greens and other foods high in vitamin C may also protect you against esophageal, cervix and endometrial cancer
  • Eating organic, preservative-free meats can ensure that you’re getting all of your vital nutrients without risking unwanted effects from potentially hazardous chemicals

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chocolate skinny shakeWe get it, you’re a busy woman on the go who wants it all, and now you can get it by staying slim without the sacrifice. The protein in The Skinny Line shakes provides you with the energy you need while also keeping you feeling fuller, longer. The best part? It tastes great! Plus, each shake, which comes in chocolate or vanilla, is a convenient and nutritionally balanced way to control your portions and your calories. Drink them to supplement smaller meals throughout the day, or even replace 1 or 2 of your meals.

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With ingredients formulated specifically for women, The Skinny Line Supplements can jump start your weight loss goals. Our bodies process fat and nutrients in a way that is as unique as we are – and only we can make sure our bodies are being treated right. When taken daily and in conjunction with The Skinny Line’s 30-day recipe plan, these supplements can help support a healthy body composition, while fueling energy and fat metabolism, and even improving lean muscle tone.

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salmon plateChallenge yourself to make changes that will help you lose weight, feel great and live longer.

Anytime is the right time to quick start your clean eating lifestyle. Start by spending 30 days steering clear of prepackaged and processed foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce. Rid your diet of refined sugars and flour. Eat whole clean meals that will fuel your body and leave you feeling energized and sustained.

It typically takes 30 days to turn a behavior into a habit. The first step is to commit to the challenge. Once you’ve committed to eating clean for 30 days, your body will follow as your mind directs.

Your plan includes:
• Delicious Easy-To Follow Recipes
• Time Saving Grocery List
• Tips, Tricks & Advice
• Personal Support
• Skinny Spritz
• Skinny Shakes
• Skinny Suppress
• Skinny Boost
• The Skinny Line Fitness Plan
• The Skinny Line Closet Detox

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doctor approved

Physicians across the country appove The Skinny Line

The results from patients using Skinny Sculpt have been very impressive. Patients are saying that they can see changes in the skin tone in as early as two weeks. I am now encouraging my patients to take this less expensive, safer, and less painful route. I believe this transdermal application will be the future of Mesotherapy.

G.M. Parker, DO - Amarillo, TX

doctor approved

Physicians across the country appove The Skinny Line

This stuff really works! Since we introduced Skinny Sculpt into out meso-injection program, results have been outstanding. The skin seems to tighten on the areas where fat deposits are being removed. Skinny Sculpt is a necessity for physicians wanting great patient results.

E.W. McDonagh, DO - Kansas City, MO

doctor approved

Physicians across the country appove The Skinny Line

I wanted to let you know how thrilled I am with your product Skinny Sculpt. Before I recommended Skinny Sculpt, I first began using the cream on my thighs to see if the texture would be improved with the cream alone. I can truthfully say that in less than 2 weeks, my thighs had less puckering, and even though the cellulite didn’t totally resolve, my legs looked better. My patients have reported seeing tightening of the skin and improved texture of the skin. For those patients using it after liposuction, there is a definite resolution of the loose skin when they begin using it soon after the surgery.

C. G. Mussenden, MD - Lanham, MD

Change Your Life, Mind, Body & Thinking Using FDA Approved, Physician Recommended “The Skinny Line” Products.