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About the Skinny Line

At The Skinny Line we have worked very hard to develop some of the highest quality and most effective all-natural weight loss pills and diet products available anywhere, at any price. We call these Skinny Line products because they are designed to work easily with your busy lifestyle so that you can enjoy maximum weight loss the right way, and with real results.

Skinny Line products are designed for quick and safe weight loss to boost your energy, improve your nutrition, control your appetite and promote gut health. They are formulated to work synergistically with your body to achieve natural weight loss in the healthiest way possible.

Reaching health and weight loss goals isn’t a fantasy – it’s your future. After all, this is your journey, your story, and you’re the superhero of it. You’ll definitely want to get the skinny on this range of Skinny Line products that will shrink your waist without having to wait. It’s time to get to – and stay at – a healthy and skinny line super sexy weight.

hear yourself

Listen to your body

Your body requires vitamins and nutrients to stimulate the right hormones in order to function correctly, so it can let go of the fat stores it’s been holding onto. Don’t go under the knife, don’t suffer with extreme dieting, and certainly don’t starve yourself anymore. We created The Skinny Line to help women, just like us, get the proper vitamins and nutrients they need in order to get the right hormones working again, burn fat, reduce cravings, restore energy and live fuller, healthier and happier than ever before!

how it all started


A wise woman once said that women run the world. YES, we are referring to Mrs. Carter – the one and only Beyoncé. And you know what? She was right. I mean, we invented the Dishwasher for crying out loud. What would men do without us?

The strongest women out there are the ones standing up for other women and looking out for their needs by bringing out the best in them. After all, women know it’s all about inner AND outer beauty when it comes to looking and feeling like the best version of themselves. The Skinny Line products, invented by women, for other women, just proves that we are potent powerhouses in the social world, in the world of business, and now, we are incredible entrepreneurial creatures in the world of weight loss and wellness.

Women understand that women want the best – and that they deserve it! That is why the three of us founded The Skinny Line – 100% natural weight loss products that get delivered straight to your door. We know women do NOT want to put artificial ingredients into their bodies. So while other weight loss brands contain toxins, dyes and synthetic ingredients, The Skinny Line products are made with the safest and most effective organic & raw materials.

We are fierce female founders who have proven that women really do look out for other women – and we run things the right way! This project has been a labor of love, so we hope you love The Skinny Line as much as we do!

Change Your Life, Mind, Body & Thinking Using FDA Approved, Physician Recommended “The Skinny Line” Products.

Julie Sagoskin, Lisa Avellino & Jacqui Justice

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Change Your Life, Mind, Body & Thinking Using FDA Approved, Physician Recommended “The Skinny Line” Products.
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