Skinny Line Cancer Schmancer Partnership

fran drescher cancer schmancerWe are so proud to partner with Fran Dresher’s non-profit Cancer Schmancer with a shared goal of educating and inspiring women on how to stay healthy by being aware of what they put in their bodies. We are both acutely aware of how toxic foods can lead to a lowered immune system and make you more susceptible to unwanted diseases, especially cancer. That is why we are on the same mission to bring this knowledge to women all over the country, and are committed to giving 33 percent of sales to Cancer Schmancer. Together, The Skinny Line, Fran’s Cancer Schmancer and YOU can help kick cancer to the curb!

Cancer Schmancer’s mission

Cancer Schmancer’s mission is to save lives by transforming the nation’s current sick care system into one that focuses on genuine health care. We accomplish this with a three-pronged approach:

Prevention. Cancer Schmancer advocates a forward-thinking, holistic, whole-body approach to wellness. Our many initiatives educate young people and adults how to identify and eliminate the causes of cancer and other disease in their daily routines. We enlist medical advisors who conduct work and research into new medical frontiers like functional and integrative medicine, and we encourage people to examine the mind-body-spirit relationship as well as the relationship between personal health and the health of the entire planet. Like Fran says, “Let’s not get sick in the first place. How’s that for a cure?”

Early Detection. The vast majority of cancers are curable when discovered early. Cancer Schmancer provides information on self-examination and early warning signs, in addition to helping women in underserved communities connect with no- or low-cost screening services. Our motto is, “Catch it on arrival, 90% survival!”

Policy Change. Cancer Schmancer was instrumental in passing 2007’s Gynecologic Cancer Education & Awareness Act — by unanimous consent — the first of its kind in US history, and Fran was named one of the Top 5 Celebrity Lobbyists by Washingtonian Magazine. Our latest drive encourages consumers — especially young people — to use the power of the purse to dictate responsible manufacturing trends. If you stop buying harmful products today, manufacturers will stop making them tomorrow.


“Your generosity will go a long way in saving women’s lives through supporting Fran Dresher’s early prevention and early 
detection non-profit program. We are proud to say that for every Skinny Line product sold, a high percentage of proceeds 
will go to the Cancer Schmancer cause. A cause which we can all proudly stand behind!”

Skinny Line's Mission

Getting to and staying at a healthy weight is important when it comes 
to reducing the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases, such as heart
 disease and diabetes. Being overweight or obese increases the risk of 
several cancers, including breast cancer (especially in post-menopausal 
women), colon and rectum, endometrium (the lining of the uterus), 
esophageal, pancreatic, uterine, and even others. 

The Skinny Line's mission is to challenge every woman to lose extra 
pounds, increase her physical activity, make healthy food choices, 
avoid or limit alcohol, and attempt to make our communities healthier 
places by advocating clean eating with non-toxic and chemical-free 
supplementation products. We are dedicated to ensuring we all do our 
part to minimize the risks of cancer and in turn the life-changing effects 
a cancer diagnosis has not just on women, but their entire families.

 We can all be part of these changes!

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