The Skinny Line

Known as America’s sweetheart after spending most of her life as a reporter on Good Morning America, Joan Lunden is now America’s hero. After a public battle with breast cancer, two sets of twins after the age of 50 and numerous best-selling books, we were so excited to welcome this real woman warrior to the show. Joan, who just wrote a new book entitled “Why Did I Come Into This Room?” opened up about the aging process – or really un-aging process as she likes to say! Rather than being referred to as being over the hill, Joan feels like she is at the height of her happiness, and she wants everyone to re-examine how they think of themselves as they age – leaky bladders and all! She might be 70, but Joan says her “real” age is 45 – and yes, she still wants to wear her ripped jeans – which Julie says is perfectly fine – just pair it with a plain top and of course, heels! Catch up on her candid conversation and take a Skinny Spritz or shake to feel like your ageless self!

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