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Our Story…The Power of Women Coming Together

Women are taking control of their narrative and what they want out of life. So what changed? It’s not that women are demanding progress; we’ve been doing that for a very long time. What changed is that the world is finally listening.

the skinny line creatorsWe’ve changed, too. Who are we? Three powerful, compassionate and entrepreneurial women in the fashion, fitness and wellness industries. How have we changed? We’ve grown more committed to playing a role in advancing our voices, as well as listening to your unique and diverse viewpoints which are full of inspiration, brilliance, and also concern and frustration in today’s unpredicable and changing world. We’ve heard your wellness concerns (so we created The Skinny Line) we’ve heard your fitness concerns (we devised your fitness plan) and we heard your fashion concerns (we outlined your closet makeover). We are working harder than ever to reach more voices by hosting our own show on WABC 77 Talk Radio and partnering with Fran Drescher’s non-profit Cancer Schmancer. We are also regularly showcasing special rights attorney and activist Areva Martin in order to expand women’s power and influence across the country. Still, the most important thing you need to succeed? The support of other women – and finding your own voice! After all, we’re listening!

This is a story of the nature of progress. Sometimes change comes from the top down. Other times, it comes from the bottom up, such as when women like yourselves come together and insist on being heard.



As women, we have always been masters of this grassroots change. We’ve had to be. We are easily outnumbered in boardrooms so we exercise power through the communities we create. Women don’t just have a voice, but are at the center of a movement – their movement – a movement that exerts strength, positivity, and growth for ourselves and each other.

Women want the world to get better. For three powerful, compassionate and entrepreneurial women in the fashion, fitness and wellness industries, we want to use our empowerment to give each other a voice in order to make those dreams come true. That’s the power of US and YOU!


getting the skinnyJulie Sagoskin is the Editor-in-Chief of Resident Magazine, New York’s leading lifestyle and luxury publication. In this role, Julie oversees everything from writing assignments to layouts to photo shoot productions, plus party planning and more. Prior to being editor, Julie worked at CBS Radio and has been published in amNY, The Philadelphia Inquirer, The Forward and Guest of a Guest among other outlets. She got her writing career off the ground while still in high school when she developed her own column in equestrian magazine Sidelines. Julie is a graduate of Boston University and a member of the Writer’s Guild.

Lisa Avellino is a top health and fitness expert with over 30 years of industry experience. As fitness director for The Skinny Line, Lisa, who has been a pioneer in the fitness industry for decades, continues to inspire and educate women of all ages. She is sought after around the world for her expertise and even certifies new instructors. Lisa has been featured in The New York Times, Shape, Fitness, Prevention and First for Women, and has appeared on FOX, NBC, ABC, and NEWS 12.

Jacqui Justice is a leading expert in weight loss resistance, digestive wellness and menopause management, bringing over 20 years of experience to The Skinny Line. She holds an M.S. and C.N.S. in Clinical Nutrition, and a certification in Functional Clinical Nutrition. Named one of the top nutritionists in the New York area, Jacqui’s focus is on identifying her clients’ underlying factors to help them reach and maintain their wellness goals. Jacqui has been featured in The New York Times, Prevention, Redbook, Woman’s Day, Organic Times, Westchester Magazine, and Serendipity Magazine, and has been featured on Daytime TV, Wake Up With Taylor (Sirius), and Debbie Nigro Show (WGCH Radio).

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