The Skinny Line

josie natori radio show appearance

If we’ve learned one thing since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that cozy loungewear is an absolute necessity, and nobody does nightgowns better than Josie Natori, founder of the Natori clothing empire, which is why we couldn’t wait to have her on the show! It’s thanks to Josie that you can now stay stylish all day long, even on your next Zoom meeting. Since starting her company which is now known for its comfortable yet glamorous lingerie, bras and lounge apparel, Natori has caused a style storm which has grown to a Category 5 hurricane! Josie, who is originally from the Philippines and uses the finest fabrics and whimsical prints, has also given back to her native country and believes strongly in sustainability. Josie, who just keeps going at 73, is as fit as ever – she shared with us she only eats one meal a day but she doesn’t deprive herself – bring on the sugar! While it’s fine to indulge in your favorite treats, Jacqui reminded our special guest, as well as our listeners, that it’s best to lower your current sugar intake – and yes, that includes wine! Stay fit and cozy when you spritz yourself skinny – it’s fast, easy and will ensure you can always fit into your Natori nightgown!

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