30-day diet plan

The Skinny Line 30-Day Plan is a clean-eating food plan with a focus on increasing one’s immunity. It’s not at all about counting calories, but more importantly about creating a favorable hormone-balancing response to those calories. Eating this way decreases inflammation which has a positive effect on every organ system and allows the body to lose excess weight more easily. In addition, The Skinny Line 30-Day plan helps women to actually heal their metabolisms so they can lose excess weight and more importantly maintain that weight loss. I like to say we help women achieve permanent weight loss through wellness. So the focus here is really on wellness, and weight loss is a happy extra side benefit.

shrimp rice mealThe Skinny Line 30-Day Plan helps women to:
• lose excess weight and body fat while preserving LBM (muscle)
• strengthen their immunity
• heal their gut, improve their digestion and lose excess bloat
• detox their livers and burn deep visceral belly fat (associated with chronic health issues)
• decrease inflammation (also associated with all chronic health issues)
• increase metabolism (which helps their whole body work more efficiently)
• regulate blood sugar and all other metabolic syndrome factors.
• naturally balance their hormones
• jumpstart themselves to a healthy, happy lifestyle.

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