The Skinny Line

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Want to get the skinny on the latest weight loss products that are disrupting the industry by replacing fad diets and incorporating a more fundamental approach? Tune into AM 970 The Answer every Saturday at 9am and hear from Julie, Lisa and Jacqui, who will be giving you the skinny scoop on their new SKINNY LINE brand on their hit show, “Ladies, It’s Not Our Fault, It’s Our Hormones and High Heels!” With an all-natural line of spritzes, shakes and supplements, these are not your mom’s weight loss products! These three industry insiders are on a mission to level the playing field when it comes to winning the weight loss war against men. That’s because there is finally a way to lose weight that is scientifically proven by leading experts – no mystery ingredients, just real results. Each Skinny Line product is based on irrefutable and reliable science. How reliable, you ask? As proven and reliable as the law of gravity, only more useful! These easy-to-use products are safe for anyone and everyone. If you are serious about shedding those unwanted pounds and fitting into your dream dress, it’s time to get with – and on – the program by starting to eat a scientifically proven way that will help you lose weight the right way. Get off the slow boat to losing fat and start seeing results by getting into the Skinny Lane fast track.

When it comes to finding your most fit self by becoming strong and sculpted, it’s all scientific, so you are sure to see real results.

Make sure to tune in every Saturday morning on AM 970 THE ANSWER and don’t miss out on hearing all about The Skinny Line, plus celebrity guests, inspiring stories of empowerment, lots of humor and so much more!

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