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An excerpt of the Resident Magazine article published November 19, 2020

Meet the Three Fem-Preneurs Who Are Leveling the Playing Field With Men In the Weight Loss World

A lifestyle editor. A fitness expert. A nutrition guru. What do they have in common? They want to help you look – and feel – like you’re living your happiest and healthiest life! While waiting to be rescued on a desert island, Julie Sagoskin, an editor-in-chief fitness phenom Lisa Avellino and nutrition ninja Jacqui Justice dedicated their days to creating products that would make women leaner, sexier and more satisfied. Okay – that’s not exactly how it happened, but these three powerful women DO want to rescue you from being stranded with toxic, artificial products in your cabinets.

While on a celebrity photo shoot, Julie met Lisa and Jacqui who had come with their A-list client who was in top shape and drinking some of Jacqui’s creative concoctions. With her on-the-go New York lifestyle, Julie realized that she too could use a well-deserved wellness boost. Upon meeting with both Lisa and Jacqui at Balance 3H Plus Medical Weight Loss & Aesthetic Spa for Women, New York’s top premiere weight loss center in New York, she was blown away by their cutting-edge methods. She was able to incorporate their diet and fitness plans into her busy schedule directing shoots, planning cover parties and overseeing the editorial direction of the magazine. The three became fast friends and realized that they all shared the same desire to empower and educate other women on how to be their most successful selves.

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Welcome to “ladies, Its Not Our Fault, It’s Our Hormones and High Heels! is the award-winning radio show where fashion meets wellness and all other trending lifestyle topics. Join hosts Julie Sagoskin, Lisa Avellino and Jacqui Justice as they inspire and inform from the no-bullsh*t perspective of real women who understand the struggle. In a world where “Wellness” looks perfect on Instagram but feels anything but in real life, this radio show explores the psychological and emotional side of wellbeing as a whole. Their thought provoking show features in-depth interviews with today’s most influential personalities and celebrities where they discuss their climb to the top of the business world and careers, their own experiences with weight loss, what fitness and nutrition routines has worked, while staying young, happy and healthy. Get the “Skinny” on past celebrities like Nicole Miller, Joan London, Dr Robi Ludwig, Dennis Basso, Josie Natori, Beverly Johnson, Deborah Gregory, Fern Mallis, Nikki Blonsky, Randi Rahm, and everyone’s favorite Bachelorette Rachel Lindsey- and many many more! You will definitely want to tune in and get the “Skinny” on how you can stay lean, happy and healthy from the inside out-The ‘Secret’ is The show premiers every Saturday at 9am on AM 970 The Answer.

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